While we might know him best as hard-nosed charming Marshal Raylan Givens, of FX's 'Justified,' it's easy to forget that actor Timothy Olyphant has quite the comedic talent as well.  Olyphant appeared on 'The Office' several season ago (in an arc that went precisely nowhere), but for his next sitcom gig ,he won't have to travel very far.  The 'Justified' star will next popl up in an upcoming episode of 'The League's fourth season, but what is it that rubs him the wrong way with the guys?

For fans of FX's fantasy sport sitcom 'The League,' set to enter its fourth season on Thursday, October 11, your faith is about to be 'Justified.'  Entertainment Weekly reports that the series has culled from its own home network in casting 'Justfiied' star Timothy Olyphant for a single-episode guest role.  Appearing in the October 25 installment, Olyphant will play a sushi chef whom the guys don't trust, for less than racially appropriate reasons.

"These guys are uncomfortable getting raw fish from a white dude,'' explains Olyphant, ''and comedy ensues.  I see 'Justified' as a comedy, so I feel like we're in the [same] ballpark.''

'The League' premieres its fourth season this Thursday October 11, along with an all-new season of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'  Meanwhile, Olyphant's 'Justified' will return in early 2013.  Check out Timothy Olyphant on 'The League' below, and tell us what other FX cross-pollination you'd like to see in the comments!

The League Season 4 Timothy Olyphant
FX / Entertainment Weekly

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