It's been a good long while since we've heard anything on the third and final season of HBO's 'The Newsroom,' but in lieu of any major casting announcements or footage, it seems we at least have a premiere in mind. The network has finally copied up our first cryptic teaser of 'The Newsroom' season 3, touting its "final episodes," but what secrets are hidden between the lines?

Focusing on a copy machine xeroxing pages of the November final season scripts, our first look at 'The Newsroom' season 3 teases contempt, court cases, encryption keys, and an overall sense of espionage permeating the ACN news team. And, however the Emmy race shakes out tonight for the twice-nominated Jeff Daniels, the clearest text of all shows Will McAvoy considering a time to quit his position as lead anchor.

Details have been somewhat scarce of 'The Newsroom''s final six episodes, though we know at least the November run will see '30 Rock' star Keith Powell given a recurring role, while the show's floating timeline has been said to cover the Boston Marathon Bombings, among other topical events. Series creator Aaron Sorkin will once again return to write each episode, in spite of production difficulties in season 2 that saw the overall episode order reduced by three hours.

We'll keep an ear out for more on the November premiere, but in the meantime, check out our first copied look at 'The Newsroom' season 3 above, and give us your predictions in the comments!