It seems concerns about the renewal chances of HBO's Aaron Sorkin drama 'The Newsroom' for season 3 proved unfounded, as series star Jeff Daniels took to Twitter to announce that the series would indeed return. Or will it? HBO claims that Daniels' announcement arrived prematurely, leaving the future of 'The Newsroom' not so set in stone as we might have thought.

For as much weight as we'd expect Daniels' word to hold, it seems as if HBO has yet to sort out an official deal with series creator and writer Aaron Sorkin, who maintains a busy schedule writing film in addition to the critically controversial HBO drama. After initially declining request for comment, HBO issued the following statement on 'The Newsroom' season 3:

We are excited about proceeding to a Season 3 and are continuing our conversations with Aaron about schedules.

Brief, but that would certainly seem to inspire hope that Will McAvoy and the 'News Night' team would return for a third season, though Sorkin's involvement could potentially push the premiere beyond its usual summer airdate, as tended to be the case coordinating schedules with later seasons of 'The Sopranos.' 'The Newsroom' hasn't proven nearly as commercially or critically successful as HBO's flagship success, though 'The Newsroom' achieved significant improvement this past season, even with a few stumbles.

Sorkin told press earlier in the year that the stress of writing had gotten to him somewhat in the second season, causing production headaches as he requested costly reshoots of early season episodes that saw the season 2 order reduced to nine hours. The cuts effectively omitted any role comedian Patton Oswalt was to have in the season, while certain other subplots (most notably Maggie's big haircut) seem to have been lost to continuity issues.

So, what do we take away from this? We'd consider it far too early for Sorkin to jump ship on 'The Newsroom' as he did for NBC's 'The West Wing,' though our worst case scenario might be a delayed season 3 premiere. In the meantime, 'The Newsroom' season 2 has two weeks left in its run, previews of which you can find below.

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