It remains to be seen if Amy Poehler will reprise her role opposite Tina Fey as co-host of the 2014 Golden Globes, but we at least know one other gig the 'Parks and Recreation' star will return to in the near future. 'The Simpsons' upcoming 25th season has tapped Amy Poehler to return to her futuristic role as Bart's wife, but who might the character have her eyes on this time around?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Poehler will reprise her role as "Jenda" from season 16 episode "Future-Drama," as upcoming spring sequel episode "Days of Future Future" returns to 'The Simpsons' vision of things to come 30 years from the present. In it, Jenda has begun dating a "crab-like alien creature" and drifting further away from Bart. Boy, if something about that creature doesn't sound familiar...

“Bart is trying to get over his divorce and he does it in a bit of a Total Recall-type way,” says 'Simpsons' executive producer Al Jean of the episode. “I won’t give away what happens, but that’s a clue.” Meanwhile in addition to Poehler, ‘The Simpsons’ season 25 will feature appearances from a returning Daniel Radcliffe, ‘Arrested Development‘ star Will Arnett, ‘SNL‘ vet Kristen Wiig, ‘Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss, comic legend Stan Lee, and ‘The Newsroom‘ creator and acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin.

Well, what say you? Will season 25 be the shot in the arm 'The Simpsons' needs after so long? Who else would you want to see lend their voice to the series?

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