Sad news for fans of superhero comedies and also spoons: Amazon has decided to cancel their live-action series of The Tick based on the cult comic books. The news was announced on Twitter by Tick creator (and TV show creator and producer) Ben Edlund, who wrote that Amazon “has chosen not to proceed” with a third season of the show, while also noting that he will try to find a new home for the series elsewhere:

Amazon streamed 22 episodes of the show over the last three years; it was picked up after the pilot premiered on the site in 2016. Two more seasons followed since then about the adventures of the Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) and his sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman). On Twitter, Newman said the series is “very much alive.”

Those involved with the show are promoting the “#SaveTheTick” hashtag. Social media groundswells have helped troubled shows find new homes after initial cancelation, like Brooklyn 99 which was canceled on Fox last year and then found new life at NBC. We’ll see if it works for The Tick.

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