It's been too long since we've had any fresh episodes of 'The Venture Bros.,' but such is the cruel mistress of the show's lengthy production schedule. The new season of the Johnny Quest-spoofing Adult Swim series that has since grown into pure pop culture parody will premiere on May 19, but apart from the recent trailer, how would you like an early sneak peak? Warning, 'Game of Thrones' roleplay awaits inside!

Surely 'Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo and Khaleesi could find its way into any bedroom sexcapade, and The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend of 'The Venture Bros.' are no different. Well, maybe a little different. The latest clip from the long-running Adult Swim series fifth season premiere sees the super-villainous pair engaging in their usual bedroom antics, slightly marred by the difference between "Drogo" and "Drago," as you'll see.

Premiering at midnight on May 19, the new season features an impressive list of guest stars that includes J.K. Simmons, Larry Murphy, Paget Brewster, John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac, Tim Meadows, 'Community's Gillian Jacobs, and 'SNL' stars Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon.

Check out the latest clip from 'The Venture Bros' season 5 below, and tell us what you want to see from the series May 19th premiere!