Coming off the high of 'X-Men: First Class,' it's not surprising that 20th Century Fox is ready to have two 'X-Men' films shooting in the next year. We've already mentioned that 'X-Men: First Class 2' (or whatever it's called) will start filming in early 2013, but it seems that 'The Wolverine' is going to be first out the gate with an August start date.

And it's going to be nice for Hugh Jackman as the film will mostly be shooting in Australia, his backyard. Currently the actor is working on 'Les Miserables,' but this would follow (and then he's likely to do some Oscar campaigning).

Fox would love for people to remember the impressive 'First Class' when thinking 'X-Men', but this sequel is following 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and that film opened big and plummeted hard. Part of that may have been the piracy issues that plagued the film, but it could also be that the film was terrible.

'The Wolverine,' which will be directed by James Mangold, is set mostly in Japan, which means it could be either the Lady Deathstrike story (though that was partly covered in 'X-Men 2') or the 1980's arc about his near-marriage to Mariko Yashida. The former would create some continuity issues, but they've already futzed that in 'Wolverine.'