In anticipation of the new 'Thor 2' trailer's online debut, which is set to come next Wednesday, Marvel Studios has unveiled the latest poster for the superhero sequel.

Marvel seems to be recycling imagery from its 'Iron Man 3' campaign, no? Swap in Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman for Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow and we essentially have a repeat of the 'IM3' poster art. Of course, the entire 'Dark World' looms in the backdrop, including Christopher Eccleston's malicious Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves.

'Thor 2,' dubbed 'The Dark World,' follows the aftermath of the first film and 'The Avengers' as our title hero returns to Asgard. However, the race of Dark Elves seeks to spread darkness across the nine realms, and Thor must take drastic measures to defeat them -- that is, teaming up with his back-stabbing brother, Loki. The film is set to hit theaters this November 8.

Thor 2 Poster
Marvel Studios

Check back next Wednesday, August 7 for the debut of the 'Thor 2' trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. 

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