It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything on the development of TNT’s proposed ‘Titans’ series, based off the DC Comics Teen Titans, but at last pilot casting may have begun. That said, the leaked lineup for the pilot script may tease some major changes to the comic team, as well as some surprising Batman inclusions.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as pilots are often subject to change, but Nerdist claims to have gotten an early look at the ‘Titans’ pilot script, which in addition to the expected inclusions of Dick Grayson, Raven and Starfire (both teased at the very end), also features several notable new members. For one. a wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon will act as support for the team (not yet calling herself Oracle), while other members include DC heroes Hawk and Dove, in this continuity a male-female pairing, and lovers at that.

In particular, Dick Grayson will still operate under the Robin identity (for now), simultaneously employed as a detective with the Boston police department, rather than the comic Bludhaven. Hawk and Dove will utilize the comic pairing of Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, though their looks are said to divulge from the books, while Raven may be based on the Geoff Johns “Rachel Roth” incarnation from 2000's ‘Teen Titans’ books.

Finally, “Starfire”’s Princess Koriand’r has been said to appear at the end of the pilot script (along with Raven), and may end up in a love triangle between she, Dick and Barbara. Neither Beast Boy nor Cyborg appear in the script, though the latter likely owes to inclusion in ‘Batman Vs. Superman,’ and the subsequent ‘Justice League’ movie.

However it all shakes out, Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes are running point with the potential new ‘Titans’ series, Goldsman executive producing with Haimes acting as co-executive producer for Warner Bros. TV’s cable division Warner Horizon. What do you think? Should the report turn out accurate, are you still on board for TNT’s ‘Titans’ (or ‘The Titans,’ as claims the report)?

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