The upcoming premiere of Transparent Season 4 may not be our last stay with the Pfefferman clan, but it’s certainly the end of an era. Creator Jill Soloway will oversee a new showrunner taking over for Bridget Bedard from their Emmy-winning oversight of the series.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Transparent Season 4 will serve as Bedard’s last showrunner stretch, while Soloway will continue to write, direct and executive produce the series. In Bedard’s place, My So-Called Life, Wonder Years and Doogie Howser producer Jill Gordon will take over showrunning duties. Soloway will continue to work on fellow Amazon series I Love Dick, along with other projects.

Soloway corrected misconceptions that they would step down as showrunner in another THR piece:

I was always overseeing everything, but in terms of the title of showrunner, that was Bridget Bedard’s. For season five, Jill Gordon’s going to be doing the job that Bridget Bedard was doing. Because I also direct and write and I’m an executive producer, I have a lot of things to do that make it so I actually need a showrunner to collaborate with, at my side. I’m still as involved as ever.

In the meantime, Season 4 will premiere on September 22, with Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker and Jay Duplass returning alongside Jeffrey Tambor’s Maura and Judith Light‘s Shelly. We’ll also see a bit more of Alexandra Billings’ Davina this year, while the recent trailer revealed Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat among guest stars for the season.

Time will tell if Season 5 feels any different in 2018, but check out the trailer for Transparent Season 4 in the meantime.

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