As strange and ominously foreboding as it feels to be writing about 'Treme' at a time when a new hurricane is set to ravage the east coast, the show must go on.  Or not, in 'Treme's case, which has officially plotted out its truncated farewell season.  But with a limited number of episodes to wrap up the show's fourth and final season, how many episodes can viewers expect?  Will the limited number allow for a satisfying conclusion?

We may have to say goodbye to HBO's post-Katrina drama 'Treme,' but we'll at least have plenty of time to wrap up the story.  While the current third season continues to air on HBO, the show's producers have announced that filming will resume on November 5 for a five-episode farewell season.  Previously, the reduced budget meant that the show would likely craft between four and six episodes for the final run.

“HBO, upon viewing the 10 [Season 3 episodes] that we gave them [said] they want to see the end of the story,” says Simon. “They fought very hard to give us half a loaf. We’re going to take it and run.” It isn't yet known how much of the cast will return for the final year.

What say you? Are you sad to see ‘Treme’ come to a close after a fourth season? How much longer do you think the series could have gone?