Fans of HBO's hit series 'Treme' will be pleased with this new trailer for the upcoming third season, which promises some sizzling drama to help you forget that other HBO show set in Louisiana. (Cough, 'True Blood,' cough.)

The third season of 'Treme' doesn't premiere until this fall, which may seem pretty far off, but quench your desperate thirst with the latest trailer, embedded below. It doesn't show us too much, but it does give you brief glimpses at some familiar faces.

Last season LaDonna (Khandi Alexander) was sexually assaulted at her bar, the fallout from which will inevitably continue to be addressed in season three. It also looks like Sonny (Michiel  Huisman) and Annie (Lucia Micarelli) may be getting back together again, while Toni (Melissa Leo) and Lieutenant Colson (David Morse) are still trying to uncover some corruption in the New Orleans police department.

Janette (Kim Dickens) seems to be back in full swing as a chef after having to move to New York last season when her restaurant closed. It's great to see her back at home and kicking ass in the kitchen.

Also, can we talk about those sexy new cornrows on Clarke Peters? Kudos to your stylist.

We can't help but wonder when the infamous BP oil spill will be addressed, considering there was some foreshadowing last season, and with 'The Newsroom' addressing it in their premiere episode this summer, maybe it's about time 'Treme' kept up with the Joneses.