Anita Sarkeesian's 'Tropes vs. Women in Video Games' series continues with a second video that explores the darker side of the Damsel in Distress cliche when it comes to gaming.

The video is roughly half-an-hour long and features examples chosen by Sarkeesian from games like Bionic Commando, Gears of War 2, and Shadows of the Damned.

Since the examples oftentimes include clips, be warned that you may run into spoilers and that some of the footage features violence against women. Sarkeesian's aim in this episode is to explore he "dark and edgy" side of the Damsel in Distress trope, and how it's used as a plot device on top of being portrayed graphically on the screen.

Whether or not you agree with Sarkeesian, all audiences will have something interesting to say about the video and it should definitely open up some discussion. Unfortunately, that discussion can't happen on the series' YouTube page, but that's probably for the best in regards to having any kind of real debate about the content in her videos.

Watch the video above and let us know what your thoughts are on this latest Tropes vs. Women video.