The final season of 'True Blood' is upon us, and we just know season 7 is going to be packed to the brim with action and blood, judging by the latest trailer and clips, featuring new footage for all you Truebies. Sookie and Bill working together again, Pam looking fierce as usual, and everyone uniting to fight a common cause like some supernatural super team? Sign us up.

HBO premiered the above Facebook-exclusive 'True Blood' fan trailer, which shows Sookie and her pals pulling it together to face the vamps infected with Hep-V. The seventh and final season promises to be intense, and we know that Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) will be returning as a series regular, even though he was thought to be burnt to a crisp at the end of season 6. Plus, we also have a look at a few minutes from Sunday's season premiere, courtesy of three new clips focusing on the aftermath of the Hep-V attack teased at the end of last season (shown below).

"Mayor Merlotte, Sheriff Bellefleur, and Jason Stackhouse are going to have their hands full, because not only do they have to fend off these H-vamps, but also they have to fend off this [Bon Temps] vigilante group," 'True Blood' executive producer Brian Buckner told EW, before mentioning that the government has left the citizens of Bon Temps to fend for themselves. "There are certain things I don’t believe we can top. So the writers and I decided from the get-go that we’re not going to take screen time away from our series regulars to build a new character who becomes the focus of the season."

We also know that Anna Camp's Sarah Newlin is returning, alongside newcomer Will Yun Lee ('The Wolverine') as a Japanese cowboy villain. We're hoping for more contained storytelling in the final season, since it's the last and we want to spend as much time with our favorite characters as possible.

Check out the new 'True Blood' final season trailer above, and tune into HBO this Sunday, June 22, for the premiere.