True Blood’ season 5 bursts out of the ground with its second episode of the year, as Sookie and Lafayette deal with Tara's new-found vampirism, while Bill and Eric endure interrogations by the Vampire Authority, and Pam reflects on her life before becoming a vampire in 1905 San Francisco!

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ premiere "Turn! Turn! Turn!" saw Sookie and Lafayette putting in their deadly request to Pam, while Jason fended off newly gay Vampire American Steve Newlin, and Bill and Eric attempted to flee the Authority, so what will the latest episode of 'True Blood' bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode 2 “Authority Always Wins!”

Back to that GIANT cliffhanger we left off on, Tara pins Sookie to a tree and bites into her neck, throwing off Lafayette for his attempts to intervene.  Pam mostly smirks, but pulls Tara off, commands her not to bite them, and throws the still feral vampire into the house. Meanwhile, Eric, Bill and Nora are taken to a secret warehouse, the underground headquarters of the Vampire Authority! They’re greeted by a woman name Salome, who smacks Nora for her betrayal, and promptly has them all thrown in cells.

Back at the scene of the werewolf pack devouring the dead pack master Marcus, Alcide refuses to take part, and disregards the jeers of the other pack members when he refuses to take his place as their new pack master. Luna too tells the pack to sod off, and leads the injured Sam away. Over at the Bellefleur residence, Arlene wakes to find Terry standing over her in a daze, flashing back to an out-of-control incident with is unit in Iraq, and insisting that something is coming to kill them.  When his trance breaks, he simply falls into bed, leaving a terrified Arlene.

While Tara continues rampaging around the Stackhouse…house…Pam returns to Fangtasia, and remembers her life as Madame of a 1905 San Francisco brothel, where finding her girls dead and drained was a somewhat regular occurrence.  Present Eric still isn’t answering her calls, however, as the Vampire Authority bombards their cells with burst of ultraviolet light to get them to talk.

Back at Luna’s home, Martha Bozeman arrives looking to see her granddaughter, thought Luna promptly throws her out, and disregards notions that young Emma might become a wolf, and need a pack of her own one day. For even suggesting that Martha might be right, Luna throws Sam out as well. Meanwhile, with dawn imminent, Lafayette manages to corner a still feral Tara before Sookie can get a silver chain around her neck to lead her downstairs into Eric’s crypt.

The next day, Jason and Andy investigate an abandoned car off the road belonging to one Debbie Pelt, and Andy is nearly tempted by her stash of V.   Meanwhile, Sookie picks up a colloidal silver mister from an anti-Vampire store, observing Steve Newlin speaking pro-vampire on TV, and Terry continues freaking out with flashback at work.  Losing his temper, he accidentally hurls Arlene across a room, who demands an explanation of his behavior, but to no avail.

Later, Sookie installs her mister, but over hears Lafayette downstairs, preparing to stake Tara for selfishly making her into the thing she hates.  Sookie stays his hand, insisting they can make a life for her, while across town her brother takes a punch to the face from a young boy angry about Jason sleeping with his mother.

Flashing back to 1905 once more, Pam finds herself cornered by a gentleman in an alley, when all of a sudden Eric comes to the rescue by slashing his throat! Rather than give his name, Eric simply notes her lack of fear, pays her for the blood on her dress, and flirtatiously speeds off into the night. In the present however, both Eric and Bill find themselves in separate interrogation rooms, hooked up a machine that dispenses purified silver into their veins. Dieter Baum (Christopher Heyerdahl) interrogates Bill, asking if he subscribes to the literal interpretation of the Vampire bible, wherein God is a Vampire that created Lilith, while Adam and Eve and the rest of humanity are solely meant to be food. Salome interrogates Eric, each lying by saying either Bill or Eric already turned on the other, but neither vampire breaks.

When Jessica holds another party, good old Steve Newlin arrives with a proposal; for $20,000, he wants to buy Jason from her! Initially playing with him, Jessica rejects his offer, insulted that he would think Jason could be bought. The two square off, before Jessica throws him, and ultimately the whole party out. Arlene goes to visit Patrick at a local motel, looking for answers about her husband, when Terry arrives, sends her out, and comes clean to Patrick that their squad-mate Keller isn’t actually dead.  Reluctantly, he agrees to pay a visit, to make sure Keller isn’t the one torching their squad’s homes

Across town, Luna discovers that Emma has indeed shifted into a tiny wolf cub, while Jason pays a visit to try to mend his relationship with Hoyt. Hoyt predictably lashes out again, but his mother Maxine Fortenberry silently thanks Jason for breaking up the relationship between Hoyt and Jessica. Meanwhile, Tara awakens, much more cogent than before, and insists she’ll never forgive either Sookie or Lafayette before running off into the night.

Bill and Eric are brought before the council, who pray to Lilith before debating the fates of the two captive vampires. Believing them to be "Sanguinistas," vampire purists who would threaten the mainstreaming movement, the council ultimately decides to stake the pair when Bill offers an agreement; their lives, in exchange for the newly escaped Russell Edgington’s! Taken aback by news of Russell’s continued existence, the Guardian vampire Roman (Christopher Meloni) ultimately relents in not staking them. Meanwhile, Russell himself slowly recuperates amidst a pile of bodies, hideously deformed, but slowly regaining his old appearance!

It's still relatively early in the season, so we didn't get much more from "Authority Always Wins" than we did with last week's episode.  'True Blood' stories always tend to move from A to B to C without much organization, but there's still plenty interesting to keep stories going for the rest of the season.  At the very least it was nice to finally see Christopher Meloni enter the mix!

Did you get your fill of fang-banging ‘True Blood’ action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode “Authority Always Wins” on HBO!