True Blood’ season 6 spurts out its 8th episode of the year, “Dead Meat,” as Sookie struggles with whether or not to accept Warlow's proposal, Jason gets to know his new "owner" Violet (Karolina Wydra), and both Sam and Alcide confront their futures.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode, “In the Evening,” saw Eric struggling desperately to save Nora’s life, while the fallout of Terry’s death washed over Bon Temps and Sarah Newlin picked up where Governor Burrell left off, so how does “Dead Meat” keep the new season flowing? What will season 6 of ‘True Blood’ bring, now that death lurks around every corner?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 8, “Dead Meat”!

Nora’s blood still steaming from her death, Eric scolds Bill for failing to come home with Warlow before Bill throws him out of the house and into the night. Meanwhile, Rikki challenges Alcide for the title of packmaster, given his lies to the group, and knowing full-well she’ll lose. Alcide easily dominates Rikki, and the pack members who come to her aid, though Alcide refrains from killing them as predicted.

Over in Vamp Camp, Violet assures Jason she meant every word in claiming ownership of him, even if they get out of the camp. Meanwhile, Sookie visits Warlow in the Faerie realm and explains Bill’s proposition, which he agrees to on the condition that she marry and be with him for all eternity. Sookie opts to think about it, and returns through the portal, unaware that Eric is watching nearby, and looking for a way in.

Jessica and James are sent back to Vamp Camp’s respective general populations, along with a disgusted post-coital Pam. The scientists dispense the tainted TruBlood to the population, as James reluctantly warns Steve Newlin against drinking. Elsewhere at Merlotte’s, Sam returns to his office and cleans out Terry’s shelf, finding Alcide waiting for him outside with Nicole and her mother.

While Sookie showers and mulls over her choices, Sam provides sleeping arrangements for Nicole and her mother before joining Alcide in the bar for a drink. Meanwhile, back at Vamp Camp, Violet feeds off Jason in her morgue locker, and assures him that any relationship they have will consensual, and he’ll even beg for it eventually.

The next morning, Lafayette reveals to Arlene the news about Terry’s life insurance, the panicked thoughts of which Adeline overhears and realizes Arlene blames her. Meanwhile, Sookie pays a visit to Bill’s house to learn the details of his intentions for Warlow, though Bill has little regard for Warlow making her his vampire queen. Sarah Newlin arrives to Vamp Camp, downplaying the Governor’s absence, and learning select vampires won’t drink the TruBlood. Sarah forces Steve to pathetically run in a hamster wheel, until he reveals James told him about the hepatitis V.

Holly’s sons arrive to sneak a dejected Adeline out for drinks, while James and Steve Newlin find themselves confined in the circular white room. Meanwhile at Merlotte’s, Sam and Nicole declare their love for one another to her mother before Sookie interrupts. She and Sam take a minute to catch up on everything going on, and Sookie shows off the light ball that could potentially make her human. Sam realizes that she means to live a normal life with him, having kept him on the back burner for so many years, to which Sam reveals that Nicole is pregnant.

Across town, Arlene argues with Terry’s family about the military nature of his funeral, while Andy urges her to respect Terry’s final wishes and keep the life insurance money. Meanwhile, Sookie visits her parents’ graves and decides to accept Warlow’s proposal as a final spurn to the family who treated her so poorly. Elsewhere in Vamp Camp, TruBlood representative Miss Suzuki demands to see the Governor, stumbling upon the hepatitis V bottling room, for which Sarah desperately chases her down and stabs her to death with her own shoe.

Sookie dials Jason to say her goodbyes over voicemail, next telling Bill to pick her up for their journey. Elsewhere, Adeline gets intimate with one of Holly’s sons before Eric interrupts and glamours them into forgetting they were with her. Eric catches up to Adeline and takes a bite, while back in Vamp Camp, Jessica and all the other vampires get placed in the white room for refusing to drink the TruBlood, Jessica knowing they’ll meet the sun in there.

Sookie and Bill gather in the graveyard and enter the Faerie realm, but find Warlow drained of blood, which Bill realizes to be Eric’s doing.

Only two episodes remain in 'True Blood's sixth season, and it certainly seems as if the overarching plot has worn a bit thin. The stage is finally set, with all our main vampires finally gathered together in the white room, though clearly Eric will have to find his way into the mix somehow, newly empowered with Warlow's blood. It certainly doesn't help that both Sookie and Bill spend much of the hour either in waiting, or contemplation, but we'll chalk "Dead Meat" up to some necessary piece-moving.

The same certainly goes for the fringe storylines again this week, with Alcide and Sam's plots gaining no further ingress to the main narrative. 'True Blood' certainly manages to pick up in the latter episodes of the season, so while we found little explicitly off-putting about "Dead Meat" (save for Jessica and Sam's romantic whiplash, perhaps), there simply isn't much to feed off of in tonight's developments.

Did you get your fill of fang-banging ‘True Blood’ action?  What did you think about “Dead Meat”? Join the discussion in the comments, and be sure to check back next week for another all-new recap when HBO debuts the season 6 episode, “Life Matters”!

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