True Blood’ season 6 spurts out its 7th episode of the year, “In the Evening,” as Eric struggles desperately to save Nora's life, the fallout of Terry's death washes over Bon Temps and Sarah Newlin picks up where Governor Burrell left off.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode, “Don't You Feel Me?,” saw Eric and the captive vampires discovering the Governor's true plan, while Sookie bonded with Warlow and Terry Bellefleur did his best to make peace, so how does “In the Evening” keep the new season flowing? What will season 6 of ‘True Blood’ bring, now that death lurks around every corner?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 7, “In the Evening”!

Eric observes the facility workers shipping out the tainted True Blood, before leaving Willa to return to general population, and sneaking an increasingly weakened Nora under a delivery truck. Willa finds Tara to alert her about the TruBlood, but the pair reason not to inform any others, lest they risk exposure. A short while later, Eric arrives to Bill’s house and begs for help in saving Nora, though she refuses to drink the blood of Bill/Lilith.

Sarah arrives to the Governor’s mansion and sees the massacre, including Truman’s severed head, before resolving to continue on with God’s plan for her. Inviting over the Senator, Sarah coolly orders his fixers to dispose of the Governor’s body, and keep the death out of the media while she assumes his place. Meanwhile in the Faerie realm, Sookie prods Warlow that sex doesn’t make her his, before Sookie hears the distress of Arlene in the real world, and disappears to comfort her.

Out on the road, Sam calls Lafayette to check in, learning of Terry’s death in the process, and ultimately deciding to return to Bon Temps. Back at the Bellefleur residence, Arlene screams at Lafayette to find out about Terry’s safety deposit box before preparing to tell the kids about Terry. Meanwhile in Vamp Camp, Jason covertly meets with Jessica to inform her of his plan to save her, though she insists she doesn’t deserve it, and instead asks to have the vampire James brought to her.

Sookie and Lafayette open Terry’s safety deposit box to find a $2 million life insurance policy made out only days earlier, implying Terry knew of his upcoming death. Elsewhere, Alcide takes his father home and brushes off the suggestion that pack life doesn’t suit them, while Sam says his goodbyes to Nicole as her mother comes to pick her up.

Jason has James brought into see Jessica, and reluctantly allows them privacy as Jessica thanks the vampire for selflessly defending her earlier, an action which cost him one of his fangs as punishment. Jessica warns him about the TruBlood and Bill’s vision of the future, and the pair discuss want they wanted to do with their immortality, before Jessica gives herself to him to experience both his innate decency, and her first time with another vampire.

Despite Nora’s wishes, Bill agrees to give her his blood, warning Eric of his future vision coming to pass, and the need to find Warlow. Bill’s blood doesn’t appear to stay the infection, as the men next resolve to try Warlow’s blood, though Nora doubts anything will save her. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette return to the Bellefleurs to find Arlene drunk, leading the pair to hold off on delivering the news about Terry. Suddenly, Bill walks into the home, astonishing all with his decidedly non-fiery presence.

Bill conveys his condolences to Arlene and does his best to apologize to Andy, preventing any further bloodshed between their progeny, before turning his attention to Sookie. Bill apologizes for his earlier forcefulness, but presses that they’ll need to find Warlow if they have any hope of saving Tara or the others from the grim fate in his visions. Meanwhile at Vamp Camp, Pam manages to seduce her therapist into having her placed with the general population.

With the Governor dead, Sarah Newlin quickly exposes Jason, having one of the guards cut his arm before throwing him in with vampire inmates. Tara comes to his rescue, but not before the mysterious vampire ringleader stakes her claim. Meanwhile, Alcide returns to his pack and claims to have killed both Sam and Nicole, before Rikki calls his bluff and brings out a captive Nicole and her mother.

Eric desperately prays to Godric for Nora’s survival, flashing back to London 1665 in which he first found and brought a plague-ridden Nora to be sired. In the present, Nora urges Eric to find comfort in both Pam and Willa, while her own condition worsens. Eric grips her and tearfully pleads for Nora not to go, as she bloodily disintegrates in his arms, and Bill watches from the hallway.

Well, that was certainly some stuff! We didn't have the chance to write a formal review of last week's "Don't You Feel Me?" on account of Comic-Con, though it should go without saying that the deaths of Terry Bellefleur and Governor Burrell cast a long shadow on season 6 and the series at large. Back then, we questioned if killing off one of the season's more intriguing villains would leave a hole in the episodes going forward, though it seems clear now that Sarah Newlin is more than up to the task.

On the subject of death, 'True Blood' had never properly developed Nora to the point that we feel any real regret for her death, though Alexander Skarsgard deserves tremendous commendation for selling the heightened emotion of such a painful loss. These days it would seem laughable to consider 'True Blood' an Emmy contender, but otherwise tonight would have proven one of Alexander's finest moments as Eric Northman.

Meanwhile, we're not certain how well the final three episodes of the season will effectively juggle the fallout of Terry's death, and whatever continuation of Bill's plans and visions that come to pass, but it remains a pleasant surprise how much of 'True Blood''s continually scattershot approach has been on target this season.

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