True Blood’ season 5 declares war on its eleventh, and penultimate episode of the year, as Bill dispatches Jessica to turn Jason Stackhouse into a vampire under the new regime, while Sookie rallies the other Faeries into fighting back against Russell Edgington.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode “Gone, Gone, Gone” saw Bill continuing his mission to spread the word of Lilith and the vampire bible against Eric, while Sookie and Jason uncovered a new piece of evidence in their hunt for their parents’ killer, while Pam and Tara defended a new threat to Fangtasia.   So, what will the latest episode of ‘True Blood’ bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode 11 “Sunset!”

As Bill returns to the Authority, a strange voice seemingly calls out to him.  The voice leads him to the room containing Lillith’s blood, where the Vampire God herself appear proclaiming Bill the chosen one, and commanding him to drink all of her.  Bill refuses, and the vision disappears, leaving only a bloody hand-print on the glass to her vial.

Elsewhere, Nora frets over her and Eric’s vision of Godric, before Salome appears to allay any doubts, and inform her that U.S. general Cavanaugh is coming to see them.  In the next room, Jessica goes for a cell phone before being interrupted by Bill, who denies her the chance to call and warn Jason that Russell and Steve Newlin are likely about to target him.  Bill explains that he’s lost any lingering care for humans, but when Jessica offers to make Jason a vampire, Bill sees through her manipulation, and challenges her to do exactly that, under the watchful guard of his security detail, of course.

Pacing in his room, Eric finds himself visited by Nora, who apologizes for what she’s brought down around them, as the two of them go at it, wondering how best to escape from the current predicament.  Meanwhile at the Faerie hideout, Sookie muses on how strange it is to be sold to a vampire generations before she was even born, while Jason assures her that they’ll find a way out by talking to the apparent Faerie Elder, before departing on his way.

Limos arrive at the Vampire Authority, where General Cavanaugh confronts the council, unaware of what’s happened to his usual liaison Roman.  Initially attempting to deceive the general, the council denies any involvement with the recent attacks and bombing of the Tru Blood factories, before the meeting quickly shifts tone and Bill acknowledges that Roman was killed in the transition to a Sanguinist regime.  Cavanaugh assures the council that humanity has been diligent in preparing for a possible war with vampires, that the bloodsuckers wouldn’t stand a chance against their weaponry, also revealing that they have footage of Russell and Steve Newlin eviscerating the frat-house, to be leaked in the event of his death.  Eric and Nora share a knowing look, and Eric snaps the general’s neck on his way out the door.

Jason arrives back at the Stackhouse home to find Jessica and the guards waiting for him, whose patience grows thin as Jessica asks Jason to trust her, and skirts her way around explaining that she plans to sire him before sinking her teeth into his neck.  Back at the Vampire Authority, the council squabbles over Eric’s impulsive murder, before Eric suggests they begin a glamouring campaign to undo the damage, an especially convenient excuse for he and Nora to leave the compound.  Suspicious, bill orders they take a security regiment with them.

Meanwhile, Jessica cries as her guards shower dirt over her and a seemingly deceased Jason.  At the right moment, she whispers to Jason to do it, and he quickly rouses to pump wooden bullets into both men standing over them.  Jessica insists that her love for him, and desire to be together forever was genuine, though he rushes off before contemplating the matter.  Over at Fangastia, Tara assures Pam that there isn’t a drop of Elijah left, as Pam explains to her the sheer power of the Vampire Authority.  Jessica arrives, demanding to be hidden in exchange for information on Eric’s whereabouts, to which Pam reluctantly obliges.

Out on the road, Eric offers to change the radio station amidst his two security experts, before staking them both as the vehicle comes to a stop.  Nora insists the Authority will be coming fore them, before ditching her tracker necklace, and the two fly off into the night.  Meanwhile back at the compound itself, Sam and Luna continue their search for Emma, still totally naked.

Before Sookie greets the Faerie elder, the group takes care to point out that the woman lives in multiple dimensions, and thus may not be as lucid as Sookie hopes, but the woman remains resolved.  The elder presents herself as a woman dancing about the main club stage, asking inane questions about Sookie’s musical tastes for Ke$sha, John Cougar Mellencamp and Boyz II Men, but has several nuggets of truth along the way.  She reveals that she did in fact know Sookie’s ancestor John Stackhouse, and his reasons for selling Sookie tie into why she finds vampires irresistible, but that she must keep her Faerie light, as Warlowe’s, Sookie’s, and the elder’s destinies are all intertwined.  Jason interrupts the meeting to warn Sookie of all that’s happening with Bill and Russell, and the elder expresses shock that Russell Edgington still lives.

Elsewhere, Andy makes nice with Holly’s children at Merlotte’s, while Alcide chops wood for his father, and watches as the man dismisses a neighbor come to warn him about a recent rash of baby vampire attacks.  Back at the Faerie club, Sookie rallies the Fae to fight back against Russell, winning the loyalty of the elder, while Jason heads off claiming he wants to try taking down Russell on his own, without compromising the plan.

Back at Merlotte's, Andy expresses his happiness to see Terry and Arlene reunited, when Morella arrives, demanding Andy’s protection for their unborn child.  Andy denies it to be possible, the conception having taken place only a week prior, but the Faerie woman claims that to deny their communion pact would bring dishonor on the entire clan.

Back at Fangtasia, Pam explains to a confused Jessica that Bill’s sadistic behavior might be a residual effect of vampire nesting, before dismissing the baby vamps in her service.  Jessica theorizes that Tara might have an attraction to Pam, one she vehemently denies, but Jessica asserts that she would still love to have Tara as a friend, someone she can relate to about the trials of being a young vampire.  Upstairs, Rosalyn enters the bar, immediately smelling the blood of her progeny Elijah on Tara, but Pam opts to take the wrap for killing the vampire sheriff.  Rosalyn has the Fangtasia owner arrested, before sniffing out Jessica as well, dragging her into it.

Over at the Vampire Authority, Bill hears Lillith’s voice once more, the vision again explaining him to be the chosen one, but despite his protest of not being worthy, Bill seems convinced.  Meanwhile, Alcide notices a number of baby vampires testing the fence outside his father’s property, before heading out to fight them at the next property, to his father’s indifference.

Jason patrols the outside of the Stackhouse residence, before Russell and Steve quickly sandwich him, glamouring him into leading them to the Faerie stronghold.  Elsewhere, Alcide destroys the baby vampires attacking a local trailer, before his father shows up to intervene with a bow and arrow.

Sam and Luna finally track down the cell containing Emma, urging her not to shift, before the vampires intervene and throw them in the cells along with other humans, Sam offering himself up as food for Bill.  Nearby, Bill arrives in the chamber of Lillith’s blood to find Kibwe praying, having also received the same vision of Lillith, before Bill nonchalantly decapitates him.  Nearby, Salome experiences the very same vision.

Meanwhile, the Authority drags Jessica and Pam into the complex, the latter expressing confusion at seeing Sam there, as Bill scolds Jessica for her actions.  Back in Bon Temps, Jason leads Russell and Steve to the site of the Faerie Club, watching as the y super-speed around the smell in ecstacy, before threatening to kill the elder Stackhouse.  The Faerie elder emerges to challenge Russell, but quickly fins herself attacked and trained, accidentally blasting Jason in the process.  Russell staggers about in complete euphoria, before realizing that he can now see the mass of faeries convened at the mouth of the club.

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