True Blood’ season 5 drinks of its tenth episode of the year, as Bill continues his mission to spread the word of Lilith and the vampire bible against Eric, while Sookie and Jason uncover a new piece of evidence in their hunt for their parents' killer, and Pam and Tara defend a new threat to Fangtasia.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” saw the identities of the Obama-masked killers revealed, while Eric tried to escape from the Vampire Authority compound and Terry faced off with Patrick in a battle to the death.   So, what will the latest episode of ‘True Blood’ bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone!”

It’s night three of the vampire crisis, as the Tru Blood factories promise to rebuild, but vampires everywhere are forced to attack humans as their food supply diminishes.  Steve Newlin appears on TV to assure all that steps are being taken, but Sookie watching at home scoffs.  Just then, town coroner Mike shows up at Sookie’s, newly turned and looking to feed, but Sookie manages to stake him with some chopsticks before he gets too far!  It does leave a bloody mess, literally.

Back at the vampire authority, the group escorts a shirtless, and iStaked Molly into the chamber, giving her a last chance to accept Lilith while acknowledging that they plan to kill her anyway.  She asserts that they’re using a millennium-old book to wreak evil on the world (allegorical much?), before the council activates the iStake, killing her.  Steve Newlin is excited to witness his fist staking, but his obnoxious enthusiasm is placated by Russell’s invitation to go out and feed, in spite of any official business they need to take care of.

Elsewhere, Ms. Fortenberry drives Hoyt home from the hospital, glad to see he’s coming home, though Hoyt announces his plan to move to a drilling crew in Alaska, in spite of her objections.  Over at Fangtasia, new sheriff Elijah pays out the meager profits, further laying down the law that Area 5 has a new procreation mandate of 30 new vampires, lest he take Pam’s assets, and progeny.  Meanwhile, back at Sookie’s, Andy investigates the mess that was coroner Mike, noting that not too many people will mourn the loss of another vampire, especially considering his bizarre habits before death.

At the Vampire Authority, Bill fills a vial with Lilith’s blood, and feeds it to Eric in an effort to “save his soul.”  Nora too ingests the blood, hoping to guide her brother’s visions, but both experience a vision of Godric.  Nora protests, disavowing Godric’s claims that Lilith is a godless god, but soon Lilith too appears, eviscerating the vision of Godric, as he claims that he is not the one who must fight Lilith.  Meanwhile, Steve and Russell dance (to “Teenage Dream”) amidst a houseful of dead college kids, pontificating about the idea of vampires being able to walk in the sun.

Back at Merlotte’s Jess enters to find its patrons hostile until Lafayette and Sam disarm some bigoted rednecks, and Jason enters afterward.  Both Jason and Jessica appear to have been called by Hoyt, who files in last.  Meanwhile back at Fangtasia, Tara seems open to the idea of making more vampires but Pam asserts that they’re best left leaving the bar behind, and making their own way as she and Eric once did.

Hoyt announces to Jessica and Jason his plan to move to Alaska, and despite their protests, asks to be glamoured out of remembering either one of them.  However sad it makes either of them, Jessica reluctantly agrees, convincing Hoyt of his goodness as a man before erasing his memory of either his first love or his best friend.  Departing before Hoyt awakens from his trance, they begrudgingly leave Hoyt to start his new life.

The next day Jason relays the situation to Sookie, who tries to keep positive, before discussion of Gran’s message leads Jason to believe that their deceased matron might have meant Sookie to look literally under the bed.  Tapping the floors for hidden spots, Jason happens upon an empty compartment containing a box, filled by a scroll with mysteriously unknown writing.  Meanwhile back at Merlotte’s, both Sam and Luna try to con their way into gaining access to Emma, ultimately realizing that Steve Newlin will be accessible at a debate some several hundred miles away.

While Sookie and Jason find themselves at a dead end taking their scroll to a human linguist, Holly and Andy share a special dinner at Merlotte’s courtesy of Lafayette, while Bill sends for Jessica via the AVL guards.  On TV, Steve Newlin denies any aspect of a potential conspiracy, or vampires launching an assault on humans, while the council watches, Russell clutching the wolf-formed Emma.  Eric enters the room, begging all for his forgiveness in doubting Lilith, even putting aside his own feud with Russell.  Back at the TV studio, Sam and Luna enter Steve Newlin’s dressing room as mice, not finding Emma, but stowing away in Steve’s bag as he leaves with Ros.

Out on the road toward the faerie club with Sookie, Jason swerves around to catch Hoyt on his way out of town, but ultimately can’t bring himself to spoil the glamoured memories Jessica created.  Meanwhile, Jessica arrives at the Vampire Authority to find Bill, who explains a bit of the building’s history before intimating that Jessica should read the vampire bible, much as her biological parents once insisted that she read the Christian bible.

Back at Fangtasia, Tara lures Elijah into believing that she killed Ginger by attempting to procreate with her, but the ruse is quickly uncovered as Ginger stabs Elijah with silver, and Tara decapitates the sheriff.  Pam rushes in, as Tara insists that they need to buckle down and hold onto their establishment.

Elsewhere, Steve Newlin returns to the vampire authority, upset that Emma has change back into her human form, as mice versions of Sam and Luna sneak out of his satchel.  Over in the chamber room, the council discusses how they might spread the vampire bible throughout the population, though Russell pipes up that none of it matters as long as they can’t walk in the sun 12 hours out of the day.  The true believers argue that limitation as Lilith’s intention, but Russell stresses that they should find ways to harness Faerie blood just as the scientists manage to replicate Tru Blood, giving them true authority over the earth.  Salome objects to Russell’s assertions, at which the vampire reminds everyone of his age, and flees denouncing Lilith and any objection she might have to Faerie blood.

Back at the Faerie club, none can identify the text but a pregnant (and familiar) Faerie named Morella, who claims Jason and Sookie’s scroll to be a contract, which in 1702 saw John William Stackhouse promising his first “fae-bearing” female heir to a vampire named M. Warlowe, which just so happens to be…Sookie!

With only two episodes left, things are certainly ramping up for 'True Blood,' and the story certainly feels much cleaner without all those ridiculous side-stories weighing everything down.  As usual, it remains to be seen if 'True Blood' can follow through on making any real changes to its core characters, but for now the show has at least picked up steam again, "Gone, Gone, Gone" providing a good example of that.

Did you get your fill of fang-banging ‘True Blood’ action? What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode 11 “Song of the Dead Faerie” on HBO!