'True Blood' season 5 may have come to its bloody end with last night's finale "Save Yourself," but the story is far from over.  Not only will ever-popular vampire series return for a sixth season in 2013 under new show-runner Mark Hudis, but it turns out we didn't even see all of the finale!  A bonus/deleted scenes answers a few questions that were lingering from the season, as well as raises a few new ones.  So, who is the mysterious Warlow?

If there's one thing we wanted to learn from 'True Blood's fifth season finale "Save Yourself" last night, apart from what everyone will do now that Bill's been transformed into some kind of blood god, it's what was the deal with Warlow?  All season long we watched as Sookie and Jason unraveled the mystery of who really killed their parents, uncovering that Sookie had been promised to some ancient vampire named Warlow, only to have the thread promptly dropped in favor of Bill.

As it turns out, we didn't have the whole story!  A new deleted scene from the episode has emerged, one that sheds a little bit of light on how deep the Warlow mystery goes.  In the scene below, we see Jason continually losing his grip on reality, ghostly apparitions of his parents urging him to kill the four vampires in the elevator surrounding him, though when Jason mentions the name Warlow aloud, elder vampire Nora seems to know the name!

'True Blood' season 6 was already pregnant with possibility, but now we have one more juicy morsel to tide us over until 2013.  Just how deep into history does Warlow go, and might he have anything to do with Bill's new transformation?

Check out the clip below, and give us your 'True Blood' season 6 theories in the comments!