As much as we hate to believe it, 'Game of Thrones' season 2 will soon be at an end, and with 'Boardwalk Empire' a ways away, we'll need something to fill our summer blood thirst.  What's that you say?  'True Blood' season 5 debuts on Sunday, June 10, and we've got the fang-banging first official trailer for you right here?!  We had no idea!  Read on!

HBO debuted the latest look at 'True Blood' season 5 in the form of a full trailer tonight, and while we're not sure what the overarching story will be other than the involvement of the Vampire Authority, Russell Edgington, the return of newly-sired Steve Newlin, or Terry's little side-quest with Scott Foley, but the new trailer contains plenty of secrets hidden within.  Between the recent posters, photos and featurettes, this latest trailer is sure to have your blood boiling.

While those reading should beware spoilers, when last we left ‘True Blood’ at the end of season 4′s “And When I Die”, a number of mysteries were still afoot.  Who set loose Russell Edgington from his concrete tomb?  Who’s going to clean Tara’s brains off the wall?  And who sired Steve Newlin?  The trailer  answers absolutely none of those questions, but still sure is exciting!

See for yourself, and check out a few observations we made afterward...

Nifty, right?  Here's a few things that caught our eye...

  • Goth Hoyt?  Not to mention Hoyt being bitten?  someone didn't take his breakup very well...
  • Was that a zombie?  (0:09 seconds in)
  • More fairies, and lots of period garb!  Top Hat Eric!  And what could Eric be doing in bed with Pam?  We thinks a flashback to her siring!
  • Vampire Steve Newlin seems to think Humans ought to be farmed like cattle!  Well, he wouldn't be the first.
  • Deborah Ann Woll in lingerie.  Always. (0:41 seconds in)
  • What's this mysterious blood vial the Vampire Authority seems to knee before?  The blood of Zod?  (0:50 seconds in)
  • Silver chain-link net launchers. Why didn't we think of that?
  • Looks like Lafayette's demon powers will be making another appearance...
  • Ruh-ro.  Seems Andy Bellefleur's on the trail of whoever killed Debbie Pelt.  What are the odds on Sookie ending the season in handcuffs?
  • Sookie and Alcide shippers, the day appears to be yours.  (1:17 seconds in)
  • Surely he's shooting the remake of 'Point Break,' but what else might the men in the Obama masks with rifles be up to? (1:23 seconds in)
  • Who's the creepy figure in the road at 1:24 seconds?
  • Russell Edgington! (1:26 seconds)

Tell us what got you most excited about the trailer in the comments below, and watch the season premiere of 'True Blood' on Sunday, June 10 on HBO!