Fang bangers, get your 'True Blood' pumping!  Sunday marked a momentous occasion for HBO viewers, and not only for the second season premiere of that 'Game of Thrones' show everyone seems to be so fond of.  The real party came right beforehand, with a brand-spanking look at our summer trip back to Bon Temps!

That's right, prior to 'Game of Thrones' HBO debuted a 30-second spot previewing the June arrival of 'True Blood' season 5, which picks up in the immediate aftermath of season 4's shocking conclusion "And When I Die."  If you haven't seen, turn away now, but we want to know what's going to happen with Tara and that gaping hole in her head, how King Russell escaped from his tomb, and what the newly-vampired Steve Newlin plans to do with Jason Stackhouse!

In the first footage from season 5, there isn't much to go on by way of spoilers, but some things have definitely changed as we see both Eric Northman and Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) taking on some new "partners," the recently-fanged Steve Newlin hovering ominously over Jason in his own home, as well as a seemingly-possessed Terry frightening Arlene!  And just who do you suppose got roasted in that car explosion?

And who the heck is delivering that creepy voice-over about vampires being made in God's image?  Too many questions!

Check out the trailer below, and hit us up in the comments with you theories about what's going to spurt out when 'True Blood' returns for season 5 this summer!