Yesterday we were surprised by the incredible casting that saw 'Blade Runner' vet Rutger Hauer joining the sixth season of 'True Blood' in a mysterious new regular role, especially considering 'True Blood' season 6 won't arrive until soemtime in June 2013.  But Hauer's isn't the only 'True Blood' casting buzzing about, as a few other roles yet to be filled have us seriously worried about the vampire-human conflict.  Is 'True Blood' season 6 going to war?

You'd think a deranged, resurrected vampire god would be enough for Sookie Stackhouse and her friends to deal with, but since when has life in Bon Temps ever been easy?  With the vampire-human conflict at an all-time high following 'True Blood' season 5, the sixth season has begun casting its bloody (if truncated) roster.  Yesterday we heard that Rutger Hauer would take the role of the mysterious "Macklyn," so what roles have yet to be filled?

According to SpoilerTV, still to be cast is the role of Ben, a 30-year-old Southern gentleman with an extremely dark side, as well as both the governor of Texas, and his daughter.  The governor is said to be a strong supporter of the war, while his daughter is "toughter than she appears to be."

War, you say?  We know the Vampire Authority certainly made a mess for themselves as far as human relations, but is all-out war coming?  And will the action begin in Texas?  Keep following for the latest 'True Blood' season 6 into, and let us know your theories in the comments!

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