[Spoilers from the 'True Blood' season 6 finale are ahead.]

The moment 'True Blood' fans had been dreading the whole of season 6 finally arrived in this past Sunday's finale, "Radioactive," as it appeared that fan-favorite character Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) met a fiery end whilst sunbathing nude in the Swedish mountains. And while most suspected that 'True Blood' wouldn't have given such an absurd ending to the character, fans can rest easy that Skarsgard will be back full time for 'True Blood' season 7.

Those keeping up with the season will remember that Eric had seemingly left Bon Temps behind for good by the end of season 6 penultimate episode "Life Matters," his only appearance in the subsequent finale arriving when Warlow's death caused the blood-based daywalking abilities of other vampires to dissipate. Granted we never saw Eric meet a complete end inside the resulting flames, the outlook appeared rather bleak.

Thankfully, a conversation between TVLine and new showrunner Brian Buckner flatly revealed that Skarsgard will return to 'True Blood' full time in season 7, despite the actor's burgeoning film career. How he escapes his fiery fate will remain to be seen in 2014, though we knew Pam had already set off in search of her maker. Even series star Sam Trammel (Sam Merlotte) recently theorized to Vulture, "It's good that he's near water, even if it's frozen water. That seems to be a safer place than somewhere you couldn't put it out."

You can read the full transcript of TVLine's revealing interview HERE, but in the meantime, Eric Northman fans may rest easy that Alexander Skarsgard and his newly revealed penchant for full-frontal nudity will indeed be present for 'True Blood' season 7. Check out HBO's behind-the-scenes look at "Radioactive" below, and give us your predictions for the next season in the comments!

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