Well, I guess there's no sense in beating around the bayou bush, is there?  'True Blood' returns this summer on Sunday, June 10, and at least one particularly nasty past villain from seasons past will return to wreak havoc on Bon Temps.  But does Sookie Stackhouse have any idea what's coming?

While it's still odd to think that 'True Blood' is utilizing the very same "Waiting Sucks" campaign as it did last year, HBO has issued our first look at a forthcoming scene from 'True Blood' season 5!  In it, fan-favorite werewolf Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) relays to Sookie (Anna Paquin) the shocking news revealed in last season's finale "And When I Die," namely that former Vampire King Russell Edgington appears to have broken free of his cement crypt!

Of course, Sookie has no idea what he's talking about, as neither Bill nor Eric bothered to inform her that they didn't actually kill Russell, but rather entombed him as an eternal torture - but since when do the men in Sookie's life ever give her the whole picture?  And if we may say, Sookie seems awfully cavalier about things given she probably hasn't had time to clean her best friend Tara's brain matter off the wall - and assuming Alcide's ex-Debbie isn't still lying dead on the floor in Sookie's kitchen.

While we've embedded the behind-the-scenes sneak-peak of Sookie and Alcide below, by signing up for HBO GO you can view a longer version of the clip, in addition to all the amenities that come with it!  So take a look below, and tell us what you're most looking forward to when 'True Blood' season 5 spills out this summer on June 10!