Season 5 of ‘True Blood‘ has us finally fearful that some characters may not survive the season, as loyalties shift and the Vampire Authority risks open war with the United States of America, putting the Stackhouses and fellow Faeries right smack in the middle, just as we saw in last Sunday ’s “Gone, Gone, Gone.” So before ‘True Blood’ season 5 declares war on its penultimate episode “Sunset” this Sunday, August 19, how would you to feast on a few spoilery clips from the episode?

In the first look from Sunday's episode, what appears to be a U.S. Army General (and perhaps Vampire) alerts the authority that Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin's frathouse bloodbath antics have been caught on tape, and the Vampire nation is once again flirting with the possibility of war with humans.  The council seems genuinely unnerved, so could they be in over their heads?

Meanwhile in the second clip from "Sunset," things are looking dire for Jason Stackhouse, as Jessica knows that Russell and Steve will likely attack him, but Bill isn't interested in letting his progeny warn Jason, no longer caring for the affairs of humans.  She ponders and interesting question to change his mind however, what if Jason were made vampire?  Judging by the recent promos we've seen, Jason might be in some trouble!

Watch the clips below, and be sure to catch ‘True Blood’ season 5′s eleventh episode “Sunset” this Sunday on HBO!  Let us know what you think in the comments!