Our earlier looks at 'True Blood' season 6's Sunday premiere follow-up, "The Sun," featured the introduction of a new supernatural figure to plague Sookie Stackhouse's life, but she isn't the only one making new friends this year. The second and third looks at the next all-new episodes see Sam outed by a mysterious new figure (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), while Eric's temper flares once more over the war between vampires and humans.

It's open season on 'True Blood' once again, now that the obligatory cliffhangers from season 5 have largely been resolved in this past Sunday's premiere, "Who Are You, Really?" And while Sam may have taken on responsibility for Emma in the wake of Luna's death, the young cub will prove the least of his problems now that a group of intrepid young reporters have come to Merlotte's looking to expose the existence of other supernaturals.

Meanwhile, Pam continues to rail against the world for the loss of her bar, while Eric and Nora keep the focus on the upcoming war between Vampires and humans. Judging by the latest clips from Bloody Disgusting, Eric will look to take matters into his own hands rather than listen to his progeny's complaints.

From the episode's official logline:

Sookie and Jason meet a long-lost relative. Eric strives to thwart Gov. Burrell’s plans. Sam encounters a zealot and talks to Alcide and Martha about Emma’s future. Bill considers his heightened powers.

We've included the latest 'True Blood' season 6 sneak peeks for "The Sun" above and below, so check 'em out and give us your Sunday predictions in the comments!