Sunday's recent 'True Blood' season 6 premiere, "Who Are You, Really?," may not have excited fans the way its hype implied it would, but hopefully the coming episode "The Sun" will shake off the cobwebs of the previous season and move into more exciting stories. A new clip from 'True Blood''s latest has begun making the rounds, introducing us to yet another man to catch Sookie Stackhouse's eye, naturally with his own supernatural affiliation.

This latest look from Sunday's "The Sun" features the introduction of ‘Eastenders’ star Robert Kazinsky as Sookie’s new fairy friend, but forgive us for thinking it suspicious that Sookie just happens to find him by the side of the road on her way to work. Might there be something more sinister at play, now that Warlow has gone on the loose and the fae remain in more jeopardy than ever?

Thus far, ‘True Blood’ season 6 features a returning guest cast of Courtney Ford’s Portia Bellefleur, ‘Last Resort’ star Robert Patrick, and Anna Camp‘s Sarah Newlin. Also popping up are the new additions of Luke Grimes as the “Jim Morrison of vampires,” ‘Rubicon’ star Arliss Howard as the sinister Governor Truman Burrell, Rutger Hauer as the mysterious Niall Brigant, and ‘House‘ star Karolina Wydra.

Take a look at 'True Blood' season 6's latest episode, and give us your prediction in the comments! How did you enjoy the premiere?