Perhaps few series represent the rise and fall of HBO as well as True Detective, to arrive on the scene as such a phenomenon, and so quickly become a laughingstock by its second season. Season 3 talk seemed to have cooled, especially with HBO electing a new programming head to right the ship, but True Detective may yet live again if a new writer comes in with a take for Nic Pizzolatto.

Where previously Season 1 star Matthew McConaughey had mentioned potential discussions of a third season, while creator Nic Pizzolatto was said to be developing other projects for HBO, network head Casey Bloys updated the TCA press tour of a third season that “True Detective is not dead. I’ve talked to Nic [Pizzolatto] about it. I think both Nic and HBO are open to a third season.”

That said, Pizzolatto lacks an official idea for the third season, and could potentially supervise a new writer taking over the next run:

I think it’s safe to say Nic doesn’t have a take [right now] … We’re open to someone else writing it and Nic supervising it. We’re open to other permutations. It’s a really valuable franchise for us … It’s not dead, I just don’t think we have a take for a third season yet.

It might be some time before HBO greenlit any potential third season, what with the potential for further embarrassment in a year that already saw high-profile projects like Vinyl flopping. That said, would a new writer potentially breathe new life into the once-revered franchise?

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