True Detective news has been tellingly silent since the August Season 2 finale, with no news on a third season, and no press with creator Nic Pizzolatto either. Now, True Detective Season 3 remains an uncertainty, despite Pizzolatto signing a development deal with HBO through 2018.

According to reports, Pizzolatto has inked an overall deal with HBO to develop projects over the next three years, one of which could potentially include a third run of True Detective, albeit with some creative changes. Pizzolatto would remain an executive producer, though HBO has reportedly given the choice of going it alone once again, adding a staff of writers, or a new showrunner altogether.

Perhaps more telling, according to Variety:

HBO has been pressing Pizzolatto for an answer so they can move forward with production on the show.

While HBO boss Michael Lombardo said of the deal:

I am thrilled to continue our relationship with Nic, as he is one of the most exceptionally talented writers and producers working today. I look forward to seeing where his unique creative vision will take us next.

As many well remember, the critical raves and accolades of True Detective Season 1 did not extend to its second season, pulling in modest ratings, but near-universal derision. Many attributed the shapeless Season 2 to the absence of Season 1 director Cary Fukunaga, who himself has ruled out returning for a third season.

Time will tell if HBO opts to keep True Detective on ice any further, but what else might Nic Pizzolatto cook up for the network over the next few years?

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