This week in TV we bid farewell to Kristen Wiig on 'SNL,' Stefon made another fabulous appearance on Weekend Update, Joan got feisty on 'Mad Men,' and more. We've got all the best GIFs from TV, in case you missed anything.

Stefon does an impression of a "Jewish firework" on 'SNL''s Weekend Update.

Jon Hamm stops by the Lawrence Welk Show and sucks on Dooneese's baby hand, making this Hamm's best appearance ever.

The 'SNL' Digital Short comes full circle with Lazy Sunday 2. DUBSTEP!

Jonah takes Dan to a restaurant with ridiculously huge bread baskets on 'Veep.' Dan reacts accordingly.

After the receptionist accidentally lets in a process server who serves Joan with divorce papers, Joan teaches her a lesson about unpleasant surprise visitors on 'Mad Men.'

Move over, Kanye Shrug. On 'Game of Thrones' this week Arya officially invents the Arya Shrug when Jaqen accuses her of lacking honor. Can we give her an Emmy for that little shrug?

In this week's 'Girls,' Hannah describes why she deserves to go on a date with a nice pharmacist. Who doesn't get this? Seriously.

Hannah gives herself a pep-talk before her big date, assuring herself that she's way more interesting than anyone in her small hometown thanks to her New York cred.