Summer TV has been pretty good lately, with a plethora of shows available for the many of us who choose to spend their nights in the cool confines of the living room. So which drama series airing right now is your favorite?

Of course, the premium channels always have something to offer; HBO is currently running 'True Blood' and 'The Newsroom,' while Showtime has 'Dexter' and the acclaimed new series 'Ray Donovan.' But not to be outdone, the basic cable channels are still churning out quality programs: AMC has 'The Killing' in its third season, while 'Falling Skies' is enjoying a surprisingly successful run on TNT. But perhaps the biggest surprise this summer has been CBS' 'Under the Dome,' which has done very well ratings-wise despite much grousing from fans of the Stephen King book.

So which of these summer shows is your favorite? Vote in our poll and comment below!