While The Amazing Spider-Man is not a very popular movie, it wouldn’t take much to fix its problems. In fact, we think there’s one change that would have solved all the issues we have with Amazing Spider-Man.

What if... Uncle Ben had lived?

It’s been a subject of Marvel Comics (like, uh, What If...?) but we’ve never seen that story told on the big screen. And before Uncle Ben’s death, The Amazing Spider-Man is an interesting film; it’s darker than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, with some gritty texture and interesting emotions. Then Martin Sheen’s Ben Parker gets killed, and the movie grinds to a halt, spending 15 minutes on that event’s aftermath before dropping the quest for Uncle Ben’s killer completely while Peter Parker gets distracted by the film’s story. But what if Uncle Ben had survived the attack? It could have created a fascinating variation of the origin story we’d already seen so many times.

Watch our video imagining what this Amazing Spider-Man would have looked like:

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