The hotly anticipated sequel to VenomLet There Be Carnage, is almost here, and the latest trailer for the film just hit on the web. It’s full of all kinds of Easter eggs. For example, did you spot the appearance by Ravencroft Institute, which is like Spider-Man comics’ answer to Batman’s Arkham Asylum.

But wait! There’s more. Just like in the first movie, Eddie Brock’s apartment is full of random food and snacks, which is Eddie’s none-too-successful attempt to keep his symbiote’s hunger at bay. There’s also the debut of Shriek, another character from Spider-Man comics, and an appearance by Daily Bugle, the Marvel newspaper where Peter Parker works at a photographer. You’ll also see that the Daily Bugle is the “West Coast Edition” of the paper, which makes sense, since the Venom franchise is set in San Francisco, instead of New York City. To see all of these Easter eggs, and more, check out our new Venom video below:

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