Daredevil star Vincent D’Onofrio has been reasonably clear about Kingpin’s absence from The Defenders, though some have certainly held out hope for Wilson Fisk’s return in Jon Bernthal’s Punisher spinoff, given their past chemistry. Allow D’Onofrio to dash your hopes even further, debunking any suggestion he might show up in the 2017 Daredevil spinoff.

Where previously D’Onofrio had confirmed that Wilson Fisk would sit out the four-way Defender team-up (as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming, for that matter), the actor again asserted over Twitter that The Punisher would be Fisk-free:

Not that D’Onofrio would necessarily announce over Twitter something Marvel and Netflix work to maintain the surprise of, but the actor also shot down the idea that being observed in public with a shaved head would be a sign of Kingpin’s return:

In addition to doubting any appearances in future MCU films, D’Onofrio most recently revealed some uncertainty with any filming taking place this year. Both Punisher and Defenders are still engaged in production, with Daredevil Season 3 likely to go before cameras this year, and D’Onofrio claimed in September he knew exactly when Kingpin might return:

[When Kingpin's story might be continued] I can’t answer. I do know, but I can’t answer… so take that how you will. Jeff and Charlie (Cox) and Netflix love Kingpin, and so, Kingpin is good for Marvel’s television stuff and I think they agree.

Daredevil star Charlie Cox had also claimed earlier in 2016 that he’d want Kingpin to return for Season 3. Granted, all parties managed to keep his Daredevil Season 2 return under wraps, will Fisk fans be left in the lurch until at least 2018?

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