Marvel’s Netflix Defenders has yet to reveal much about Sigourney Weaver’s main villain, though one imagines the eight-episode teamup series will feature a number of smaller big bads. Don’t expect Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk to menace anyone other than Daredevil, however, as the actor says there’s “no chance” of a Defenders appearance (or a Spider-Man: Homecoming role).

Even as Daredevil Season 2 managed to conceal D’Onofrio’s prison return as Marvel’s Kingpin, the actor seems to have definitively shot down a Defenders appearance over Twitter. Asked for even the slimmest hope, D’Onofrio replied:

D’Onofrio still maintains a healthy film career (to say nothing of starring in NBC’s gritty Wizard of Oz reboot), so it’s understandable that The Defenders might have neither the story space, nor the production schedule to accommodate any Wilson Fisk appearance. That said, lest you wonder if D’Onofrio could still menace Spider-Man or any other MCU heroes as he’d previously hoped, the actor had only further bad news:

Back in September, D’Onofrio said he’d already known when Wilson Fisk would return to the Defenders universe, while Daredevil star Charlie Cox claimed earlier in the year that he’d want Kingpin to return for Season 3. The Defenders is scheduled to premiere in 2017 (as is The Punisher, which could also feature Fisk), while Daredevil Season 3 is eyed for a 2018 debut.

There’s every chance that D’Onofrio is playing a bit coy with his words, but will The Defenders suffer for lack of Wilson Fisk? Will Sigourney Weaver’s mystery character make up for it?

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