Fans of Daredevil’s Kingpin were undoubtedly disappointed to hear that Vincent D’Onofrio wasn’t likely to menace The Defenders, even as his specter still looms over Hell’s Kitchen. D’Onofrio previously claimed to know when Wilson Fisk might return, but does his 2017 production schedule rule out Daredevil Season 3?

Speaking with Collider, the Emerald City star reaffirmed his affinity for working with the people at Marvel, though he professed not to know if Wilson Fisk would go before cameras at any point in 2017. One would think that Daredevil Season 3 starts shooting soon for a 2018 premiere, though D’Onofrio may not have been given the heads-up:

He will [be back], eventually. Honestly, I wish I knew ‘cause I could plan my year better. I know he will come back, I just don’t know when. I can’t wait to find out. I’m totally into the Marvel stuff, big time. I want to do Marvel, all the time. I love it so much ‘cause they’re so creative over there. They let you bring this whole new thing to an iconic thing that they invented. It’s just so much fun. I love it to death.

Back in September, D’Onofrio seemed to know exactly when Kingpin might return:

[When Kingpin's story might be continued] I can’t answer. I do know, but I can’t answer… so take that how you will. Jeff and Charlie (Cox) and Netflix love Kingpin, and so, Kingpin is good for Marvel’s television stuff and I think they agree.

Daredevil star Charlie Cox had also claimed earlier in 2016 that he’d want Kingpin to return for Season 3. The Defenders is scheduled to premiere later this year (as are Iron Fist and The Punisher, both of which could feature Fisk), while Daredevil Season 3 is eyed for a 2018 debut.

Naturally, D’Onofrio isn’t about to reveal the big man’s next gig (his Daredevil Season 2 return was similarly kept under wraps), so might The Defenders or another series liberate Wilson Fisk after all?

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