Chances are, you’ve heard of a few odd easter eggs linking The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, even going so far as to posit that the zombie apocalypse occurred shortly after the events of Breaking Bad’s final season. If not, allow Netflix to literally draw those connections for you, while we purchase supplies for a giant cork board.

As Breaking Bad and Walking Dead have long been popular fixtures of the streaming service, Netflix took it on itself to document the four-sided theory that the two AMC series (technically four, if we include Fear and Better Call Saul) actually share a universe. There’s more than a few holes, but very little to officially dispel it.

For one, there’s the obvious, intentional reference of Walter White’s blue crystal meth popping up in Merle’s drug stash, an idea that later seasons more or less alluded to with Daryl describing their dealer as a “janky little white guy.” The theory reaches all the way to Glenn as a used car salesman in New Mexico (which … no), but you have to appreciate the idea of Gus becoming the first walker.

You can check out that hot pot of crazy above, and feel free to scour the entirety of Better Call Saul for more conspiracy theories.

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