Like 'Homeland' before it, HBO seems to have gotten wise to the fact that this past Sunday may have proven an altogether difficult spot to launch new programs, even after AMC's airing of the 'Breaking Bad' series finale, "Felina." To wit, the premium cable network has made available Kenny Powers' final(-ish) 'Eastbound & Down' season premiere, along with 'Office' co-creator Stephen Merchant's new dating comedy 'Hello Ladies'!

Though many an 'Eastbound & Down' fan had thought season 3 to be the last of Danny McBride's foul-mouthed flama blanca, the fourth and officially final premiere, "Chapter 22," picks up some years after the events of the previous finale, with Kenny Powers living the home life and repressing his need for fame and glory, at least until a former teammate enters the scene.

Meanwhile, HBO's 'Hello Ladies' premiere sees Stephen Merchant both producing and starring in the comedy of a gangly Englishman looking for love in Los Angeles in all the wrong ways. Early reviews haven't been especially kind to Merchant's brand of awkward situational humor, which lacks the warmth of Ricky Gervais' 'Office' boob David Brent, or even his American equivalent Michael Scott, but for now 'Hello Ladies' remains at least worth a look.

You can catch the final 'Eastbound & Down' season premiere as well as the 'Hello Ladies' debut in the videos below, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in to see either series flame out on HBO over the season!

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