Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, Showtime had a few extra explosions to spare for Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan Season 3. Before the official July 12 premiere, both summer series have released their full debut episodes online.

The third season premiere of Masters of Sex takes a time jump to 1966, after which the titular pair (Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan)’s study has already been published. Year 3 will also see Masters of Sex focusing on the national implications of Masters & Johnson’s work, introducing a young Hugh Hefner, with guest stars the likes of Josh Charles, and a returning Sarah Silverman.

On the flip side, Masters of Sex sister series Ray Donovan will use Season 3 to introduce Ian McShane as a powerful new producer named Andrew. Additionally, Katie Holmes will play his daughter Paige, a shrewd businesswoman in her own right. You can check out the full premieres above and below, if you don’t mind the long road to July 19, waiting for a new episode.

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