This past weekend saw Netflix jumping into the true crime racket with ten-part documentary series Making a Murderer, a heartland mystery of Steven Avery’s decades-long charges under suspicious circumstances, in the vein of The Jinx or Serial. Now, you don’t even need a Netflix account to make it your next obsession, as the streaming service releases its premiere free of charge online.

You can check out the full premiere above, while so reads the official description for Netflix’s ten-part Making a Murderer, which hit streaming on December 18:

Inspired by a newspaper article from 2005, directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have spent the last decade documenting an unprecedented real-life thriller that spans more than thirty years. Set in America’s Heartland, Making a Murderer follows the harrowing story of Steven Avery, an outsider from the wrong side of the tracks, convicted and later exonerated of a brutal assault. His release triggered major criminal justice reform legislation, and he filed a lawsuit that threatened to expose corruption in local law enforcement and award him millions of dollars. But in the midst of his very public civil case, he suddenly finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime.

The series takes viewers inside a riveting, high-stakes criminal case where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear. The filmmakers have documented every angle of the story, following the second investigation and ensuing trial of the accused, petitioning the court to avoid having to turn over their footage, gathering archival materials, and interviewing those closest to the case.

Netflix rarely makes new premieres available outside of subscription, but might Making a Murderer need the boost? Reviews of the docu-drama have been overwhelmingly positive thus far, so take some time to check out the premiere for yourself above, and catch the trailer below for more.