Ah, 4/20.  That noblest of holidays where we gather with our closest friends, prepare the traditional feast of junk food, gather around the fire and...you know something?  We're hungry.  Wait, what were we talking about again?  Oh, of course!  Our friends at Showtime and 'Weeds' have a special message for us today!

Set to premiere its eighth season on Sunday July 1, 'Weeds' has rolled out a special kind of teaser for the upcoming series, reminding all its loyal fans to enjoy doing what they love on the famous 4/20 holiday.  Of course, once again the teaser contains no actual footage from the coming season, which as we've confirmed ended on a rather bleak note of Nancy Botwin in a sniper's cross-hairs, but its still an appropriate reminder to keep our anticipation on a slow burn.

Of course, one could look for clues in the below teaser, which features several of the cast getting seemingly blown backward, and ends on the rather derp-y look of Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) rolling her tongue out at the camera.  Might that be a clue to some of the rumored injuries we've heard about for the premiere, or are we overreaching?

And for those who haven’t kept up until ‘Weeds’ eighth, and likely final season, the story had leaped three years past the sixth season to the end of Nancy’s prison term, where she re-launched her business in New York City and fought for custody of her son from her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh).  You can catch an early teaser of Season 8 here, but it’s equally light on new footage, and doesn't offer any clue as to who pulled the fateful trigger.

Watch the teaser below, have a happy (and safe) 4/20, and be sure to check out the season premiere of 'Weeds' on Sunday, July 1!