While it's unlikely that anything will ever top the "huh?" moment that followed 'The Sopranos' cutting to black at the end of its series finale, the final moments of 'Weeds' Season 7 left more than a few viewers uncertain as to the fate of Nancy Botwin, or the rest of her family.  So with details on Season 8 light thus far, who was at the other end of 'Weeds'' smoking gun?

Answering spoiler questions in the weekly "Ask Ausiello" column of TVLine, new information has definitively come to light over the last-minute cliffhanger of Weeds' Season 7 finale "Do Her / Don't Do Her," particularly who faced the business end of the mysterious sniper's rifle, and how serious the outcome might be!  TVLine confirmed that despite the sniper's sight hovering over other Botwin family members, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) did indeed take a bullet, though it remains unknown exactly who the shooter was.

Not only that, but the injury may prove rather deadly, as the report indicates the Season 8 premiere, which bows on Showtime Sunday July 1, will feature multiple paramedics, a hospital administrator, a detective investigating the crime, and "most tellingly," a brain surgeon.  Could Nancy Botwin's master planning days be behind her, or is a little THC just what the doctor ordered to get back on her feet?

For those who haven't kept up until 'Weeds' eighth, and likely final season, the story had leaped three years past the sixth season to the end of Nancy’s prison term, where she re-launched her business in New York City and fought for custody of her son from her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh).  You can catch an early teaser of Season 8 here, but it's light on new footage.

What do you think?  Had you guessed that Nancy was in fact the one to take the bullet, or were you hoping to get her sister out of the way?  How badly might Nancy be hurt, and should her injury end the show in season 8?  Grow us some thoughts and expectations for 'Weeds' Season 8 in the comments below!