There are still quite a a few questions to be answered when Showtime's long-running pot comedy 'Weeds' returns for an eighth, and potentially final season on July 8, and details are being kept tight, but a fresh offering from the garden might be just what we need to get back in the high spirits.

Showtime has seen fit to provide us with our first (albeit light on new footage) look at the coming eighth season of 'Weeds' with their new "Wicked" teaser trailer, highlighting the long-growing road that got us to this point over the last seven years.

When last we left ‘Weeds,’ we had leaped three years past the sixth season to the end of Nancy’s prison term, where she re-launched her business in New York City and fought for custody of her son from her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh).  Details on the forthcoming season remain largely under-wraps, but given season 7 ended with a literal bang, surely the ‘Weeds’ premiere will address just which of the Botwins took a bullet, and precisely who pulled the trigger.

Curiously, the "Wicked" teaser tells us that we can check out new episodes of 'Weeds' beginning Sunday, July 1, whereas Showtime's previous press released indicated that season eight would debut alongside brand new installments of 'Episodes' the following week of July 8.  Might we be treated to an early look, just like Showtime released the premieres of 'Nurse Jackie,' 'The Borgias,' and 'The Big C?'

Check out the teaser below, and tell us what you want to see this summer from the long-running (seriously, isn't eight seasons enough) 'Weeds' in the comments!