Westworld isn’t likely to give up many goods until 2018, least of all whether one of its most memorable characters could make a surprise return. Still, Jimmi Simpson thinks the younger version of William might yet have a place in future seasons, even if it takes another year or so to get there.

You’re warned of full spoilers for the whole of Westworld Season 1 from here on out, but depending whether Season 2 pulls any additional time-turning shenanigans, we’re not likely to have much use for Jimmi Simpson’s William, now that the character has been outed as a younger version of Ed Harris’ Man in Black. Harris confirmed his Season 2 return before that connection was made official, while Simpson tells GQ Style his own potential Season 2 role is far more ambiguous:

So far, my involvement in that is unclear. If they have more for William, I would assume it would be a whole new kind of story. Because I feel like this story, the love affair [with Evan Rachel Wood’s character, Dolores], we know everything, we know what happens, we don’t have to belabor that point. But if they have a reason—I mean, it was the greatest set I’ve ever worked on. But we’re all speculating what season two will be, and I think it’ll be something that will blow our minds, to the degree that the first season did.

Curiously, Simpson continued “But I wouldn’t be surprised if William showed up season three or something.” It’s impossible to imagine what kind of presence William might have in Season 3 that he couldn’t for Season 2, but HBO’s epic dramas do have a way of circling back to characters long-abandoned. Back in December, Simpson flatly denied any regular role in Season 2, without diminishing the possibility of revisiting those lost 30 years:

There are certainly stories they could tell. Based on these writers’ skills, if it was their intention for young William to return, I know that he would be there for solid and interesting reasons. But I think this story is told, the story of William and Dolores’ love affair. I think that story, tragically, has been told.

Elsewhere of Westworld Season 2, we do know that producers have kept the lion’s share of details under wraps, though the 2018 return is expected to answer practical questions about the park, potentially even a date for the show’s setting. Ed Harris will be back to play Season 2 on extreme mode (no guarantee for some of our missing players), while we’ll also get answers on the mysterious “SW” park.

In the meantime, stay tuned for further details on Westworld Season 2, arriving 2018.

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