It’s the beginning of the end for Stranger Things.

The highly anticipated and long delayed fifth and final season of the monstrously big Netflix show will reportedly begin production in January of 2024. That’s according to a new report in Variety.

The scripts for the show’s final run were in development when the writers strike began in Hollywood earlier this year. The strike ultimately dragged on for 148 days before it was finally resolved and work on Stranger Things (and everything else in Hollywood) could resume.


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The final run of Stranger Things is expected to conclude the show’s primary storylines about the dark underworld beneath the quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana, but Netflix is supposedly planning at least one spinoff that would continue the universe of the show in some way. By the time the series ends its final episode, which will be in 2025 if not later, the show will have been airing on Netflix since 2016, meaning the cast (including a lot of actors who are still supposedly be playing teenagers) have spent some nine years inhabiting their characters. The show’s large primary cast will also grow to include The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton for this upcoming season.

In the meantime, the first Stranger Things stage play, a prequel titled Stranger Things: The First Shadow, is now playing on the West End in London. Set in 1959 in the official continuity of the series, it explains the origins of several of the adult characters on the show, including Jim Hopper and Joyce, plus Henry Creel before he became the monstrous Vecna.

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