The following post contains some spoilers for WandaVision.

The entire season of WandaVision built to the big moment when it was revealed that Wanda and Vision’s neighbor Agatha had been manipulating Wanda and her powers (all along). But when you step back from the entire series and look at what Wanda did on this show, it becomes clear that she wasn’t necessarily the “hero” we all assume a member of the Avengers must be. By the same token, Agatha might not actually have been the villain (all along).

In our latest Marvel video, we look back at WandaVision and consider whether Agatha might have been justified in most (if not all) of her actions on the show. We go through episode by episode, breaking down her choices, and comparing them to actions taken in other Marvel movies and shows by heroes like Captain America and Black Widow. Watch it below:

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