The following post contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.

As we noted in our review of Wonder Woman, the primary antagonist of the film, the God of War Ares, is a bit of a mystery. Early in the film, a young Diana (Gal Gadot) is taught the origin of her race of Amazons, which involves Ares slaughtering all the other Greek gods. Many years later, Diana learns of World War I from Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and believes it’s the work of Ares. So she sets off into the outside world to find him and kill him in order to free mankind from his influence.

But she doesn’t have any hard evidence that Ares is responsible, or even that he still exists. Most of the movie plays this as a major question. Is Ares real? Is he the one pulling all the strings behind WWI? Or is Diana’s belief in mankind and its inherent goodness misplaced?

The movie does eventually provide an answer. I’m not going to spoil it for you; Google, however, will. As observed by Slate, if you type in the phrase “wonder woman cast” into your Google machine, right at the top it provides names and pictures for a bunch of actors, including the guy in the film who plays Ares. Whoops!

If you’re paying attention to the movie, you will probably figure this detail out before the movie reveals it. But, still, this is the sort of thing it’s nice not to know when you see something. So just be careful out there this weekend before you see Wonder Woman. Google, God of Spoilers, is out there, working to subvert the efforts of good men and women everywhere.

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