If you saw 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' this weekend, chances are you walked away with a couple of questions about that mysterious post-credits sequence. For fans unfamiliar with comic book canon, the identity of the character was a pretty big question mark (which is why you should read our handy guide), but there was one thing of which all of us were uncertain: just who the heck was that actor?

Spoilers from here on out for those of you who haven't yet seen 'Days of Future Past,' of course: in the post-credits sequence, we see an enigmatic figure in ancient Egypt, controlling blocks of stone to create a pyramid, while the crowd chants and praises him. The camera pulls around to reveal the robed and grey-skinned individual, who is, as comic book fans know, Apocalypse -- he's also going to be a big part of 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' the next film in the franchise.

Rumors began circulating that the actor under the grey makeup was Logan Lerman, the recent star of 'Noah,' which would mean that Bryan Singer already cast an actor for Apocalypse, and perhaps even for the upcoming film, set to hit theaters in 2016.

That's not the case. As originally reported by MTV News, the actor under the makeup is a relative unknown named Brendan Peddar, an 18-year-old Montreal native who happened to be around when 'Days of Future Past' was filming in his hometown. It's unclear if Peddar will reprise the role for the upcoming sequel, though it seems unlikely given his lack of experience -- the studio will likely want a bigger name for the villainous role.

Screenwriter-producer Simon Kinberg told Collider of the post-credits scene, "The ['Days of Future Past'] tag is a tease of Apocalypse’s origin backstory. It’s not necessarily gonna be a part of the storytelling of the 'Apocalypse' movie. It was really just to sort of tease for the audience, ‘There’s this new guy out there and he’s coming.’"

You can check out the photo of Peddar -- sans makeup -- and director Bryan Singer below, courtesy of Peddar's Instagram account:

X-Men Apocalypse Actor Days of Future Past
Brendan Peddar, Instagram