'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is gonna be one hell of a superhero movie! The first installment of the 'First Class' series -- which starred Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Professor Xaviar), Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast) -- did gangbusters for fans of the comic books, but with the father of the franchise Bryan Singer on board to direct, he's combining these guys with the cast of 'X-Men' movies past to form one giant X-Men blowout. And just in case you were wondering, that also now officially includes Hugh Jackman!

There was chatter a while ago about the 'Wolverine' star in talks to pick up his adamantium claws once again for a gig in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' but the news is now official, at least according to Bryan Singer.

The man hasn't been on Twitter for more than, what, a few months, and he only started actively tweeting at the start of November. Though, it seems like he's gotten the hang of it, providing us with all the latest casting updates for the new 'X-Men' flick. His most recent tid bit announced the official recruitment of mutant alum Hugh Jackman:

So far, X-buddies Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are in as the older versions of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto, while McAvoy and Fassbender will reprise their roles from 'First Class.' Obviously, there's some time traveling in the mix, as the presumed story line (based on the comic book) will follow Kitty Pryde as she's warned by her future self of an assassination attempt on Senator Kelly.

With the script completed (or nearly completed) and production starting in April, we're hoping to be hearing more names from Singer's original 'X-Men' movies coming aboard as well -- James Marsden (Cyclopes), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) and Halle Berry (Storm), perhaps? Let us know who you want to see join the all-star cast of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' in the comments!